Karate lessons


Are you looking for advanced martial arts? Shotokan Karate teaches principles in all aspects of life as it is a style characterized by self-discipline and mindfulness. Karate works to improve the person participating through respect, faithfulness, compassion, patience, and a sense of calmness. 

Shotokan Karate originated with Gichin Funakoshi in 1936. His son, Yoshitaka, assisted in the creation of this style through collaboration with karate masters to develop a technique that differs from the original form of karate. 

This type of martial arts is ideal for people who want to expand outside of regular karate into advanced practice. The Bronx Martial Arts Academy supports a family-focused arena for children as young as 4 years old. 

Participants will learn these principles in the Shotokan class:

  • Karate is outside the dojo as well

  • Training is lifelong

  • Understand yourself first 

  • Respect is the beginning and the end

The end goal of this style of martial arts is to create a well-rounded person.

Benefits associated with Shotokan Karate include the following:

• Build self-esteem

• Promote better flexibility

• Learn to balance yourself

• Increase coordination

• Increase both the cardiovascular and respiratory systems

• Master self-discipline and self defense 

This weaponless self-defense class teaches essential principles for wellness, health, and strength. 

Learn to master your body through fundamental lessons taught by Shihan Kai Leung. Shihan is known as the master-disciple of this discipline through his years of study and dedication to Shotokan. 

Shotokan is more than a class -- it's a way of life and teaches principles to be carried throughout life, wherever you go. The principles and disciplines also teach that millions of enemies are outside of the home and so you must always be ready. Perfecting character among others with the same goals will prove to be an enriching experience. 

Each lesson you take from the dojo is to be applied in life. Whether you're at work, school, or on the go, these foundations will prove to be useful for maneuvering through the obstacles of life. Shotokan Karate keeps you in the right mindset while training your body.

The Bronx Martial Arts Academy has high standards and this reflects in one’s participation. Dedication is promoted by international champions with black and brown belts and years of experience in the discipline. Children and adults learn humility and excellence through Shotokan while mastering a peaceful mind and a swift blow. 

Advance your expertise with each level mastered. Use quick motions, spiritual awareness, emotional control, and positive thoughts to enhance your total being. Shotokan karate is more than a technique, it's a way of life and each principle can be taught and practiced outside the dojo. 

Bronx Martial Arts Academy is taught by the champions. Perhaps you, too, will be one. Call today and reserve your spot for the next Shotokan karate class.