Team Quinobi - Walk for Breast Cancer Sunday October 16, 2016 at Orchard Beach

Hello Everyone,

Professor Johnson, Luis Quintana, and Professor Presta.

Professor Johnson, Luis Quintana, and Professor Presta.

I would like to say thank you in advance to anyone who has or will donate to this cause. As the manager of the Bronx Martial Arts Academy, I have had the pleasure of meeting and befriending many people over the years. Mr. Luis Quintana definitely stands out among the many. Mr. Quintana and his kids have been members of BMAA since 2014 and in this relatively short time have ingrained themselves into our martial arts family. Unfortunately, Mr. Quintana was diagnosed with cancer less than a year ago and has been undergoing treatment over the past couple of months.

Mr. Quintana, a dedicated father and faithful martial artist himself was at first devastated by his diagnosis but being the true warrior he is, he picked himself up and pushed forward through his various chemo treatments, and just recently returned to the mats. There is no doubt this his journey so far has been a rough one. But Mr. Quintana has been a true inspiration to my staff and all of our members. Now, I am asking for your help. As a martial arts team, as a school, as a family who fight and train our hardest every time we are on the mat, I am asking you to donate to this cause in Mr. Quintana's name.

In short, some live to fight, while others fight to live. Let's show him and every cancer fighter that we can help them in their individual fight and that we will be there for them in their time of need. Please donate if you can, and if you can't donate, please come walk with us on Sunday October 16th at Orchard Beach and be a part of something big, bigger than any one person. Let's do this for Mr. Quintana, come be a part of TEAM QUINOBI.

Thank you,
Cristina (Tina)
Bronx Martial Arts Academy

For more information on the walk and to Join our team/ Donate, visit the link below: