Danny Hernandez and Frank Rosenthal Win in Phoenix

Frank Rosenthal, Katya Leontyeva and Danny Hernandez

Juniors cover all options on route to victory: Outstanding junior squad members, Frank Rosenthal, Katya Leontyeva and Danny Hernandez had great wins in Global Grappling League super fights yesterday in Phoenix NY. All three won by submission- an arm bar, a leg lock and and a strangle - covering all three of the major possibilities of submission- arm, leg and strangle. Always the idea is to threaten the whole body with submission- it’s much harder to defend a wide expanse of territory than a narrow one. It’s great to see the juniors doing exactly that in competition. This is an important lesson for all of you - of course it’s desirable to have favorite moves with which you can smash through determined opposition even when they expect it coming, but it’s equally desirable to be versatile enough with your attacks that an opponent never really knows where the next one is coming from and thus has to scatter his or her defenses and fall prey to feigned attacks on one area only to be caught in another. LEARNING TO PLAY BETWEEN FOCUSED CONCENTRATION OF FORCE AND WIDE RANGING VERSATILITY IS A KEY PART OF YOUR DEVELOPMENT AS A STUDENT OF SUBMISSIONS. Work hard on this crucial theme and soon you will see similar results as these outstanding students!

John Danaher