We ask our student for Three things...

At BMAA, we know that students are the lifeblood of any martial arts academy.  As such, we pledge to provide a first class martial arts training environment. In return, we ask each student and parent for the following:

Be Respectful

  • Treat each other with respect

  • Treat personal and BMAA property with respect

  • Bow when stepping on/off of the mat

  • Refrain from cursing and abusive language

  • Follow all BMAA rules

  • Listen attentively during class

  • Arrive 15 minutes before class and be prepared for class 5 minutes before it begins

  • If you choose to stay and watch class, we ask that parents and spectators please refrain from excessive cell phone use during class

  • No eating or drinking in the dojo (except for specific events)

Be a Good Training Partner

  • Peacefully resolve problems without resorting to violence

  • Have clean, proper attire and gear for every class. Freshly washed gis, belts, rash guards and shorts are a necessity.

  • Have fingernails and toenails trimmed

  • If you are sick, please stay home.


Leave Your Ego at the Door

Ego will severely hamper your progress as a martial artist. So come to class with an open mind and ready to train.  

If you can follow the rules and guidelines we have laid out, it will ensure a great training experience for everyone and will only strengthen our community. 

We look forward to meeting you.

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